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texthouse offers top-quality texts about music. Our portfolio extends from editorial management of major music editions or entire music festivals, to subtitling of audio-visual collateral in multiple languages, developing press and marketing texts as well as social media and Web content.

  • An international network of renowned specialist authors
  • Translations done exclusively by specialized native speakers
  • Proprietary databases and an extensive archive of libretto translations


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What I love about my work at texthouse? There’s never a boring moment around here! Writing texts, translating and editing, fine-tuning layout designs, creating subtitles – and all these things have to do with music, from the Middle Ages all the way to the 21st century. If we didn’t have to deal with the nuisance of bookkeeping… But in the end there’s always time for an exciting foosball tournament with my wonderful colleagues. And because you can never have enough music in your life, I spend a lot of my free time singing in choirs (still as a first soprano).


After so many years with texthouse I still think it’s wonderful that nearly everything we do is related to music. And on top of that, with music that’s very, very important to me. Music I enjoy playing myself on the cello, double bass, violone or sometimes electric bass. And then there are so many tremendous people both locally and throughout the world who it’s pure joy to work with. That can only be topped by playing with a toy train set with my grandson… Okay, playing Wagner’s “Ring Without Words” on the double bass might also qualify.


“So, what reasonable profession can you pursue with that? With a musicology degree?” I wanted to find that out and set off on a career as freelancer. I wrote copy, did research on classical instruments, told stories and prepared biographies. Then I joined texthouse, where I work with music which I also listen to on my record player at home. And, incidentally, a four-person family can be supported this way. At least in part. And ultimately there’s even time left over for your hobbies. Such as reading English novels, French crime fiction, playing the piano or the drums.


When I was small – which means very much smaller than now (5 foot 7) – I wanted to be a professional footballer. But instead of shin-pads I was given a violin. And that’s how I started off making music. This was followed up with other instruments like the guitar, mandolin, mandola, banjo, ukulele and electric bass, as well as regularly playing in any and every style, with the result that I’m now at home in all forms of music – even if it’s a bit too atonal at times.


Work that’s fun and you can make money with, while also listening to top-notch music: that’s only possible at texthouse. If I’m ever away from my desk, then I enjoy counting cranes on the island of Zingst or testing the hot springs in Iceland. I’m also fond of Swedish waterways and Stekt Strömming med potatispuré (pan-fried Baltic herring with mashed potatoes). I’ve added practical pursuits to my theoretical knowledge by playing the piano and flute, singing and directing choirs. The best experience until now was the fun of torturing choir singers!


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Phone: 0049 (0)40 37 50 21 -42 /-43
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